The Tatra and Podhale are a unique area of Poland. Zakopane Polish St. Moritz" is the valley station to the high Tatra. You will be surprised and filled with enthusiasm ! Both the town and the region were separated from the world by thick forests for centuries and have retained their unique architecture and live folklore. You can rest from the bustle of everyday life and regain your vigor here or you can actively spend time, skiing, mountain walking and climbing, or just relax in one of the hundreds of regional Scandinavian style taverns. You have 3.800 m to the centre and famous Krupówki street.


You have a direct view of the Cyhrals church from our garden. Cyrhla, a picturesquely situated district of Zakopane. Thousands tourists from a whole world visit this place every year. You have from there a lovely view of the mountains and the possibility of making for unforgettable pictures .


approx. 500 m further you find already the first entrance into the valley Olczyska, the way to the Kopieniec and further to the high mountains. Patre of highest peaks in Poland "Rysy" (Meeraugspitze) reaches 2499,6 metres over the sea-level. The partial mountains of the Tatra are under protection and the part of the biopshere reserve of UNESCO.


The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, otherwise simply known as the Jaszczurówka Chapel. Built between 1904 and 1907 by the Uznański family from Poronin village and according to Stanisław Witkiewicz's design the chapel is one of the best examples of the local Zakopane style in arts and architecture.


Morskie Oko - Sea Eye. The pearl of the Zakopane is the biggest lake of the Tatra. The lake is located in a boiler framed by powerful rock faces. The gorals ones thought the lake is connected to the Adriatic Sea by mysterious underground waters. Perhaps if you look in deeply, you also see the sunken ships.

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